Welcome to Lilo&co

  • En Lilo&co producimos piezas únicas para tu bebé
  • En Lilo&co utilizamos Fibras Naturales para la comodidad y bienestar de tu bebé, y para la tranquilidad de su mamá
  • En Lilo&co podemos personalizar las prendas para tu bebé
  • En Lilo&co producimos looks exclusivos para tu bebé
  • Todos los productos de Lilo&co están hechos a mano

In Lilo&Co you will find unique, handmade creations for your baby. Every pullover has been designed individually and has been knitted and decorated by hand. Every piece of clothing has been created with great dedication and affection in our atelier. This means that every garment is personal and one-of-a-kind. We hope that your baby will get the most out of them!

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